Upcoming Classes:

New Virtual Fabric Collage Workshop During COVID-19. Anyone, in any country can join us. Check it out here.

To my clients and other Mac users needing help

I am now in my 6th year of living a paperless, mobile life.  Learn about the Mobile Life here.

If you need help with your home Mac, contact me at Home Computer Consulting where for several decades I’ve helped over home 150 users enjoy their computers.  Let me help you with your home Mac, or buy a new computer, or just learn more about the Mac and other Apple devices you have.

To my fellow art quilt lovers

I have been striving to make unique, original quilt designs since 1997 in my company Karoline Wallace QuiltWorks.  I sometimes take commissions, but mostly I make quilts based on landscape and ideas which inspire and thrill me. Read my Artist Statement to find out about my general quilting ideas and methods.