Home Computer Consulting

Welcome to Home Computer Consulting.  Access to help from home is more important now than ever with COVID keeping us all in our home offices, dining rooms and kitchens.  I am now offering Remote Support for your Mac.  I use a combination of Zoom (so we can talk cafe-to-face) and splashtop (so that I can access your computer with your permission).

Since 1991, I have been helping home Mac users with all of their computer issues.  Whether you want to purchase a new computer or device, learn how to use the one you have, or fix problems, I am the one to call.

Get Help Now

You feel like right now, you really need to learn this computer stuff.  How do you handle all the internet devices in your life?  How do you get them to play nice with each other?

But you also have special needs and want someone who is experienced with all knowledge levels, is patient and kind, and very experienced.

You need someone to bring you up to speed quickly and easily, in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you have no experience at all with computers, or you are a beginner or a long-time computer user just trying to get a handle on how to make this thing do what you want it to.

I am uniquely qualified to help.

Help Buying your Next Computer or Mobile Devices

Do you want to purchase a new Apple computer (or iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch or Apple TV), perhaps even your first one ever? Do you get a stationary desktop or go for the mobility of a laptop?  Would an iPad be enough?  Are you bewildered by all the jargon and statistics which seen cryptic and mysterious, but which everyone else seems to know and understand?

How do you get your photos and music to follow you around without taking up precious laptop or device space?  How do you watch all your favorite programs plus use your TV as another monitor?

I can help you understand the most important aspects of these choices, what is important and what is not. Not only can you save hundreds of dollars choosing wisely, but your informed choice will give you years of happy returns.

Learning How to Get the Most out of Your Computer and Devices

Need to learn how to use your computer and devices now for personal or professional reasons? Be sure to hire a consultant with a long and varied experience who is patient and happy to help guide you on your own, individual discover of this wonderful tool.  I speak English too, not computer-ese.

Your computer is just a tool. One which should work for you, not the other way around!

Why does your printer always do that?!?! Why doesn’t this machine do what you want it to? How will you ever be able to make it obey you?

When Problems Arise

All you need is a few pointers on what computers really are, and what they really do – clarified and demystified. Once you understand a few basic concepts – important facts that no one else will tell you about – you will be able to solve those pesky computer problems.

If this is all too much to figure out, let me help you, in the comfort of your own home.  We will have you up and running, and happy.