I have been striving to make unique, original quilts since 1997 in my company Karoline Wallace QuiltWorks. I sometimes take commissions, but mostly I make quilts based on images and ideas which inspire and thrill me. Read my Artist Statement to find out about my general quilting ideas and methods.

To see a gallery view of my work in the past 2 years, click here: https://airtable.com/embed/shrFe2lhbH04MEvCK?backgroundColor=pink

For several years now I have been leading Fabric Collage Workshops in various venues.

Well, I’m head-over-heels in love with designer Sally Thompson’s Bionic Gear Bag. I was so impressed that I decided to make the Bionic Gear Bag (the small one) and then the large version, called the Mother Lode. Check them out! I hope to be teaching this wonderful project in a class at some point. So much fun!

NEWSFLASH!  Sally Thompson at  SewLikeARockStar site has created among other things the wonderful Bionic Gear Bag, and now I’ll be teaching how to make it at the Mt Airy Learning Tree February 23rd 2019.  Come join us!

Another event that I have held for a couple of years is Quilt-Time.  This 3-4 hour, drop in, free-form session is for quilters who would like to just work on their own projects.  In the company of other artists, we have some laughs and some snacks and plenty of room and poser outlets to actually get things done on our own projects.  There will be more of these schedule in the coming year (2018) so check back for updates.

My own impressionistic landscapes are now my passion, along with my playtime with Rimpas.  Here is my take on traditional quilt patterns with my own twist. I have also been obsessed with hand work and have done many hand appliqué quilts.  I hope you enjoy looking through all this.  I’ve certainly enjoyed laying it all out for you!


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