My New Obsession EPP, 37″ x 37″, Vermont, 2022

Love this Obsession pattern as an intermediary step between Tula’s Nova pattern (Alice EPP) as my first EPP, and the ultimate Passcaglia (from Willyne Hammerstein) which I want to do at some point. Loving working with Karen Tripp’s floral fabrics, bringing in my own too.

I found out about Karen Tripp’s new website ( which is called The Quilt Kit Co. Purchased 15 of her half-yard fabrics and her Obsession EPP quilt, acrylic templates, papers and pattern. I have completed all piecing, but have yet to decide on the black round appliqués in the center of each white rosette. Karen did them on her’s and I like it. Other than that I’m ready to quilt this baby!

Ultimately inspired by the Millefiori quilts by Willyne Hammerstein, specifically the La Passacaglia quilt which Karen did a few times, I want to try it attempting it in the original piece size – which is tiny! There is double size available too.

Karen’t fabrics are mostly florals but I’ve added some batiks and Tula fabrics too. Orange and maroon seem to be important to me right now in this quilt. Scrappy-ness too. Variation #1 has white rosettes which I love.

This was in the Bondville Fair Quilt Show in August 2022 and won 1st prize in the Small Quilt category. It was also at the Bennington QuiltFest in September 2022.



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