Thank you for visiting my website!  Currently a data engineer for an Educational Technology company, for many years I served as an IT Support Professional.  Most of my professional career has involved supporting the Windows platforms but my private clients are all Macintosh users.  I have supported over 150 users on both Mac and PC platforms over my career.

Another part of my life is about art quiltmaking, which I have been working on since 1998.  Over the years I have created over a dozen original quilts using a variety of techniques and methods.  I make mostly one-of-a-kind, original design, contemporary quilts and wall hangings.  One of my pieces was accepted into the International Quilt Festival in Houston, and was published in the Quilters Newsletter Magazine and made the evening news in 2014.  My pieces have also appeared in the Mt. Airy Art Garage Show No Longer Anonymous in 2016 and other shows.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, I spent my formative years in Paris and Senegal, West Africa. Philadelphia is my current home. When I’m not working or making quilts, I spend lots of time walking and hiking with my 2 dogs, listening to jazz, cooking and eating, and working out to keep fit and healthy.

Douglas and Edgar
Douglas and Edgar

Holding a Masters in Computing and Information Technology at Penn’s School of Engineering, my computing career spans over 30 years. It started as the Systems Manager for the American Embassy in Dakar, Senegal in West Africa. From there I spent almost 10 years running the computing at Penn’s College of General Studies. With a call from my family, I became the Chief Information Officer for the Export Finance Network, a small entrepreneurial firm, and seven years later returned to Penn and have served as the IT Support for the Counseling and Psychological Services department for the past decade.

During my career, I have been a database expert, web designer and support specialist.  Working with people and helping them to use and master their own technology has been my primary interest, and most important skill.  You are the boss of your technology, I can help you actually feel that way!

With over three decades of experience, I am uniquely qualified to understand the computing needs and concerns of a diverse range of users and all ages and skill levels.  Let me help you tame your computer and whip it into your best tool, as it should be.