Sally Thompson’s Sew Like a Rock Star website, amazing video workshops, Bionic Gear Bag and tons of fun!  I can’t say enough about this website! another amazing resource for bag making.

Paula Nadelstern:  my favorite quilter

The Free-Motion Quilting Project:  Leah Day’s sharing her hundreds of machine quilting designs

Spoonflower:  amazing photo to fabric resource

Heartstring Quilters’ Guild: my Philly guild

Maple Leaf Quilters: my local guild, Festival of Quilts Show host, out of Rutland, Vermont

Quiet Valley Quilters: my local guild, QuiltFest host, out of Bennington, Vermont


Refurbished Macs for Sale:  great way to get a pre-owned Mac

LinkedIn Learning:  one of the best on-line training websites, lots of free stuff

eFax:  need a fax capability on in your life?  This is it!

WordPress: get your free website here

Evernote:  this is an amazing cloud service to help you become paperless!


Winhall Community Arts Center is an amazing local art community space that I thoroughly enjoy!

Bondville Fair – the oldest, continually running Fair in Vermont, perhaps the country! Celebrating the 225th Year anniversary in August 2023. Come enjoy the Quilt Hall Show!

GMALL (Green Mountain Academy of Lifelong Learning) a great continuing education, community-based organization where you can learn anything!

Kris Carr’s website is just an amazing resource for healthy, natural living.  She cured herself of cancer (it’s in remission) and is on the crusade to help others.  I’ve found tons of  links to natural beauty products, lifestyle tip and other resources on how to live a naturally good life.  Just great.

Jane Sayre Denny – Artist, Cartoonist, Author.  Jane is a childhood friend of mine from Brooklyn with whom I have recently reconnected. This is her main site, but don’t miss her cat cartoon at, and her items for sale based on her cats at  Jane is also the author and illustrator of the wonderful children’s book Emmaline on sale on Amazon.

The Gabriel Method – a new and wonderful way to approach weight loss and health.  Jon Gabriel has changed everything about how I eat.

Cultured Food Life – a full resource on the making and enjoying the fermented ‘trilogy’ of kombucha – kefir and cultured veggies.  This site changed my life!

Rosemary P. Costello, Leave it to Me – Personal Assistant.  A good friend of mine, and one helluva great organizer.  Hire her!  She’s amazing!

The Barnes Foundation – Great yet notorious collection of Impressionist art.

Nehemiah Persoff – Actor, painter and distant relative of mine. After seeing him show up in my Netflix review of 1970’s TV shows, and also an episode of Star Trek TNG, I decided to track him down last year.  He is alive and well, and painting.  Enjoy his masterpieces!

Debbie & Philip Zuchman – These two artists have been married for decades and have a truly wonderful life.  Check out a recent video about them.  This is a must-see.