What’s Going On

I recently completed 3 more wall hangings that really needed to be done:  my 1-year old niece’s quilt Presley’s Spurge, a piece of remembrance called Steve and Amber, and a new technique sampler Dreaming of the Beach.  It was nice to get these off the deck and now it’s time to dig into my next landscape.

For the past year, I have been intrigued by the work of designed Sally Thompson, who has designed the Bionic Gear Bag, a wonderful project.  I immediately purchased her award-winning pattern, and started working on it.  It’s an amazing deal at $13!  Then I purchased her video workshops for less than $30 and completed the bag in 2 days!  Have a look at it!  I have since made 15 of these wonderful bags, and I’m a VIP member of her site.  Also, I will be teaching the Bionic Gear Bag on February 23, 2019 at the Mt Airy Learning Tree.  I can’t wait!

As I did last year in 2017, this November 17, 2018 I will lead another Fabric Collage Workshop at the Mt Airy Learning Tree.

This past month of October 2018, I held a Cultured Food Workshop for Weavers Way, which will cover all of Donna Schwenk’s Cultured Food Life teachings, and my own experience over the past year and a half of making and consuming these wonderful cultured foods.

On the topic of health and fitness, I highly recommend a few works that have literally changed the direction of my life. My father turned me on to the wonderful, inspirational book Younger Next Year.  The first book to open my eyes to the issues of fitness and aging, it literally changed the course of my life forever.

I am currently working on The Gabriel Method, which is a remarkable new and enlightened way to work on your health and weight. The amazing Suzane Somers also inspired me with her exercise and eating program that helped me immensely over the past 12 years.

Two documentaries that I feel are very important for anyone interested in their own well being are Hungry for Change and Food Matters (both currently available on Netflix)  I hope you can benefit from any of these, as much as I have.  I also love the documentary May I be Frank.


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