What’s Going On

Before I start, I just want to express my sadness and shock at all the deaths from COVID-19. If you have experienced this, you have my condolences, and I hope you are safe and healthy and able to cope with this crisis and tragedy in your life. We are all in this together, we are in differing levels of lock-down and trying to cope with an at-home life, and unsure of what the new ‘open’ life will be like after COVID-19. I wish you and yours all the very best getting through this. We will get through this.

I moved to southern Vermont this spring and am now working remotely for a large educational technology group as a data engineer. Really could not be happier!

On a lighter note I offered Virtual Fabric Collage Workshop this month at Mt Airy Learning Tree in Philadelphia and also in southern Vermont at GMALL (Green Mountain Academy of Lifelong Learning. Anyone, anywhere can take it.

Some personal projects of mine since 2019 and continuing this year include James Clear’s Atomic Habits book which I devoured. I also have his Baron Fig Journal, which I can recommend. This led me to the Daily Stoic, which is presently consuming my free time. Headspace has really helped me keep a clear head during this crazy. other-worldly dimension we have recently all slipped into. I’ve also start painting in acrylics. Love Bob Burridge’s Bob Blasts! What a learning curve! I’ll probably talk more about that in an upcoming post.

In 2019 I completed 4 more wall hangings:  my 1-year old niece’s quilt Presley’s Spurge, a piece of remembrance called Steve and Amber, and a new technique sampler Dreaming of the Beach which sold!  Now I have to make it again! My most recent piece was another baby quilt, this time for my nephew Maverick.

For several years I have been intrigued by the work of designed Sally Thompson, who has designed the Bionic Gear Bag, a wonderful project.  Also last year I started teaching the cultured food trilogy (see Donna Schwenk’s Cultured Food Life) for my local Weavers Way Food Coop.

As for my eating, I am following the Keto lifestyle (see my favorite Dr. Ken Berry) which I have enjoyed since January 2019. I feel the best I have ever felt in my body and in my mind. Gone are the psychological cravings and physical fatigue associated with carb eating for me.


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