What’s Going On

May 2023: Preparing to close and renovate our new house here in southern Vermont, I a moving along with my first La Passacaglia quilt. I’m so happy that it is not intimidating me! I was afraid of it for a while, then I was worried that although I could do it, I would not WANT to do it. But all is well, I am very happy doing it!

April 2023: I made my first La Pas rosette (below)! Also completed Gypsy (middle right), and completed the Antique Butterfly top (bottom on bed), and finished quitting circular Alice Nova (below right). Also started design and piecing work with Penny on the 225 commemorative quilt for the Bondville Fair in August. My partner are trying to purchase a house, and we hopefully close on May 12th, so things will come to a halt around then. I’ve also re-designed the Snow Making Pond quilt into a ‘hexified panel’ quilt (below left). More on that later.

March 2023: I just completed piecing the Gypsy Party (middle right) and I’m thrilled with how it looks. Now I need to get border fabric and quilt it.

February 2023: I have received everything I need to start my ultimate English Paper Piecing (EPP) project – La Mia Passacaglia (see loose sketch middle left). I know, I’m about 5 years late to discover amazing quilt making fads. Not surprising as I’m not a traditional quilt maker. But this intricate EPP quilt is the one I’ve been working up to!

This year I have been working on my EPP project Gypsy Party (above right) most days. I finally completed Hen Rietta (below left) last month and I really love the way it has turned out. I completed the Dresden Plate Jean Impey workshop quilt I made called And Read All Over (above middle). For the Bondville Fair this year, I am working on an antique butterfly quilt (bottom), and have drafted a few ideas for a 225th Year of the Fair commemorative quilt. Still on my plate from last year is the quilting of Alice Nova (very bottom left), which I’m quilting now. So my quilt making life is wonderfully busy.

One of my big project this year is my Snow Making Pond quilt (top left). I’m still in the design part of the work, but I hope to get to it very soon.

English Paper Piecing, Stack-n-Whack and fusible web appliqué have been my main passions. I plan to submit some quilts to the Maple Leaf Quilter guild for the April Festival of Lights show (below middle and right). I will be submitting 2 quilts to the Bondville Fair this year, and perhaps a couple to the Bennington QuiltFest in September.


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