La Mia Passacaglia

Willyne’s first quilt pattern from her Millefiori book, which changed the quilt show landscape several years ago, is on its way. I’ve been working up to this English Paper Piecing (EPP) project since I started in January 2022 on Alice Nova. The huge pieces in that Tula Pink pattern really got me up and running and mastering the EPP technique in total comfort.

Then I tackled Karen Tripp’s Obsession pattern and made My New Obsession, a work with much smaller pieces, but I also got new fun fabric to play on it. That was hard enough to keep me interested, yet not too hard to complete.

I am currently about to complete the last row of Willyne’s La Fiesta Gitane from her Millefiori 4 book. Such small pieces! I almost didn’t dare approach it. But the new fabric in it gave me courage to create Gypsy Party.

So tomorrow, I should be getting Willyne’s first book, the temples in original size (gulp!), and 2900 papers to get started on La Mia Passacaglia. Check back here to find out the details! For now, the image below is a pastel piece I did that is sort of an inspiration for the color scheme for my La Pas. More later!


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