Snow Making Pond – draft

Since I moved back here to Southern Vermont, I have been enjoying a local walking and hiking spot called the Snow Making Pond. It is the reservoir of water which is piped up to Stratton Mountain to make snow up there in the winter as needed for skiing.

It is a gorgeous spot to have a flat walk, and for my dog Edgar to enjoy.. It’s about .7 miles around and is absolutely gorgeous all year round, as you can see:

So I have made a base draft of a landscape I want to do of it, which I will incorporate the fusible web appliqué method I used for A Place To Go. It will be about 6′ x 4′. Here’s my base image I’ll work from:

Piece #8 above includes a view of Stratton Mountain, which I will beef up, but this is basically what it will be. I’m probably going to cut the sky down a bit, so pieces #1 – #5 will be half the height they are now. This is one of the fall panoramic images I put together from several shots, and I played around with it in PhotoShop to get it right for my appliqué method. Right now, it’s still on paper, but I’ll be getting it onto muslin soon. More images to come!


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