My Bionic Gear Bag and the Mother Lode – 50% off coupon code too!

In the past few months I have been intrigued by the work of designed Sally Thompson, who has designed the Bionic Gear Bag, a wonderful project.  I immediately purchased her award-winning pattern, and started working on it.  It’s an amazing deal at $13!  Then I purchased her video workshops for less than $30 and completed the bag in 2 days!  Have a look at it!

I hope to be teaching this wonderful project in a class at some point.  So much fun!

NEWSFLASH!!!!!!  Sally has bestowed a coupon code for my friends/fellow quilters to use to get 50% off her patterns and videos!!!  Go to her SewLikeARockStar site and use the coupon code KRLN0817.  This is the best coupon code on the internet just for my peeps.  Sally is paying me a small fee for any packages purchased.

Now I’ve made 3 more of these beauties!  This time the outside has vinyl finish.  I love it.


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