Mobile Life

You already know how to get around with your Apple devices such as your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, etc.  But have you set up your Photos and Music to be mobile too?  These are some services you may want to add to your personal Apple ecosphere.  See also my page on my use of Evernote, where I store all the files in my life, and I mean that literally.

Your Virtual Storage


Apple iCloud services are the best deal in town.  For zero dollars, you get 5GB of storage which is only for backing up your idevices.  For another $ .99/month, you get 50GB and now you have control over that space (it’s actually a virtual drive for you) and can store documents there that will be available to all your idevices.  For $2.99.month, it jumps up to 200GB, which is what I recommend you do if you are interested in having photos and music stored in the cloud as well.  Let’s look at what that means.

Your Photos


Photos can take up lots of spec on any device.  The long-popular iPhoto has been replaced by Photos.  It is iPhoto but much more.  This is a great way to have your all photos follow you without using up precious advice space.  To have your photos with you at all times, consider using Apple’s iCloud Photo Library.  The amount of space you have is only limited by the iCloud storage plan you choose (see above).

Your Music


Want to have tons of music at your fingertips but not have it clogging up your idevices?  iTunes Match, a mobile music pay service ($24.99/yr) is a great way to get your music off of your idevices and into Apple’s iCloud services.  It requires at least a wifi connection to the internet, but it allows you access to up to 25,000 songs.  Like Pandora and other on-line music services, iTunes Radio is a free service which takes any piece of music you own, and turns it into a radio station.  Now iTunes Radio also includes NPR shows.

Your Documents

If you have not yet tried Evernote, you are really missing a trick! It is one central app that has made my paperless-ness possible. Check out other write-ups I’ve done on it here.


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