Do You Want a Website?

wpiconDo you want a website of your own?  Do you want someone to help you or even do it for you?  Well, I can help.  But first, a little disclaimer.  I have been known to say this:

Well, I’ve been in this business far too long.  In the late 1980’s I was doing Gopher site and WAIS stations, and even set up the first website to appear for the University of Pennsylvania in 1991.

As of 1994, when the whole world can onto the internet, life changed and in my personal business I started writing websites for clients.  I completed over two dozen static customized websites sites by 2012.  It was in that year that I decided to re-train myself in the new Content Management Systems (CMS) which was a whole different approach to website building.  Rather than creating each webpage from scratch and placing all the content and the design elements in by hand, in at CMS the content is separated from the look and feel of it. I was liberated!  For several years I wrote many websites for clients in Joomla! and had a ball.

In the meantime WordPress, which was originally built for blogging, really became not only a great CMS, but an easy one to use.  As many have said, it has become the ‘plug and play’ version of web building.  I found out that it is easy enough for most users to do themselves.  This was confusing because not only was I sick of Joomla! and it’s demanding complexities (it’s really for more tech webs designers, not regular people), I was losing clients to WordPress.   -Karoline Wallace

So now I have decided that if you would like a website, I will be happy to create one for you in WordPress.  This site you are reading right now I was able to complete in only 2 days with no training.  It’s fast, easy and gorgeous.

How much will it cost?  I charge $1500 for a basic site, and $250-450 per additional module (e-commerce, user login, etc.).

The other advantage to a WordPress site is that once it is set up, you can update it yourself.  I will always be your webmaster, but you’ll have your own power over the site, and you can post things yourself all day long.


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