Spring-Summer Updates

Quilt Works

I had my quilt Another Place To Go in the Burrison Gallery at the Penn Alumni show last August 2017. That was wonderful.

Interesting Stuff…

I have been very intrigued by the Truth About Cancer 9-episode series.  I strongly encourage everyone to check this out.  I purchased the series for about $47, and I think it is worth much more.

The Shakespeare controversy is also very interesting.  I’ve been looking at lectures and arguments in both directions.  I think I’m pretty convinced that the Globe owner and manager William Shakespeare did not write all this material, but in fact either the great Marlowe or perhaps the 17th Earl of Oxford did under that pseudonym/pun (see link above).  I highly encourage anyone even remotely interest to look at this.  After all, does it really matter?  We still had a genius adding to our culture, but in the case of Marlowe or Oxford, two men who actually could have done it all.

i have also recently become interest in Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, and the various debates they have been involved in.  I enjoy watching them take on the main religions with skill and finesse.  I think they are both missing a trick, but in general I agree with what they are saying.  This is the best debate that I have seen and I hope you enjoy it too.


Lately I’m obsessed with Chic Corea – all of his albums and styles.  Prince also figures highly these days as I’m getting access to tons of his after shows and ‘bootleg’ recordings. There are hundreds and it astounds me how little understood he is right now.  He was an unsung piano and guitar virtuoso.  As time goes by, more people will get to know the less ‘Pop-y’ side of Prince.  Dive in – the waters great!

Another group I’m fascinated by is Hiatus Kayote, from Australia.  I recommend the tune Building a Ladder.  Their neo-funk sound is really great.  Check them out!


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