Spring-Summer-Fall Updates 2017

Quilt Works

I had my quilt Another Place To Go in the Burrison Gallery at the Penn Alumni show last year. That quilt went home with my former boss who retired this year.  I also completed old pieces I have been meaning to complete such as Steve & Amber and Dreaming of the Beach.  Finally, the 1st birthday of my new niece was the occasion of Presley’s Spurge which I really enjoyed doing this year.

Another new thing this year has been more teaching.  I did a few Sew-Alongs with my quilters guild, and I’ve also started teaching for a local community learning center called Mt Airy Learning Tree.  So far I’ve mostly done fabric collage workshops, but next year in February I’ll be doing a Bionic Gear Bag by Sally Thompson, workshop.

Interesting Stuff…

Essential oils have taken up a great deal of my time this year.  I have been following the Healing Cave Lady on YouTube and I’ve started working with these precious gifts of nature to make cosmetics and cleaning products.  I subscribed to Simply Earth’s essential oils membership which is really great for the essential oil beginner.  I’ve since been exploring Humblebee & Me, and mommypotamus, a great site for everything!

I’m still very involved with the cultured food lifestyle, so I keep making my daily doses of kefir-kombucha-cultured veggies and I love it.  My guru is Donna Schwenk at CulturedFoodLife.com.

If you or anyone you love is facing this difficult diagnosis, check out the Truth About Cancer 9-episode series.  I strongly encourage everyone to review this materiel.  There is good news!  But watch it, it’s on YouTube now for free.


Lately I’m obsessed with Chic Corea – all of his albums and styles.  Prince also figures highly these days as I’m getting access to tons of his after shows and ‘bootleg’ recordings. There are hundreds and it astounds me how little understood he is right now.  He was an unsung piano and guitar virtuoso.  As time goes by, more people will get to know the less ‘Pop-y’ side of Prince.  Dive in – the waters great!

Another group I’m fascinated by is Hiatus Kayote, from Australia.  I recommend the tune Building a Ladder.  Their neo-funk sound is really great.  Check them out!  Also check out Tribal Tech, a band from the 80’s that reunited this century for more fusion funk jazz.  I have found several of their albums on Amazon Music and Apple Music.


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